Wild Animal Attack Compilation

Keeping wild animals in homes is no doubt too much dangerous. After all, they are wilds. But people still keep them as pets, no doubt. Wilds like tigers, lions, bears, leopards, and wild kangaroo are mostly kept in people’s backyards, garages and in homes also.

It is happening mostly in Southern countries. The reasons for the captivity of wild animals are because of the trends of being unique in the society. The people want to show off by having a wild beast as their pet in their houses.

With the increasing rate of the captivity, the hazards of keeping exotic animals have also increased. The reasons of these hazards are many. The animals do not get used to off the habitat they humans provide them. So they start attacking their owner.


Some owners are not able to manage the required needs of the wilds, as a lion needs 14 pounds of raw meat daily. The owners do not give them the required amount which causes incidents in their homes.

The sexual needs of animals at certain age make them aggressive. The owners do not provide them good means to fulfill their desires which comes with the results of animal attacks.

We should keep in mind that keeping wilds in homes is not bad, but not fulfilling the required desires of the exotic animals can leads us to many serious incidents.

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