Here Are Some Awesomely Modified Indian Cars

The thing about cars from the recent past is that before attaining their classic status, they go through a phase of being abused and ignored. The ones which survive this transitional phase could go on to become classics in future, but there’s another route that a lot of owners and enthusiasts take, and that is modifying the said cars. More often than not, this is a low cost affair, hence there are quite a few examples of such cars. Let us have a look

Maruti Zen

SpeedSport's Maruti Zen Carbon 1

A tuner favourite, the Maruti Zen has come a long way from just being a premium alternative to the 800. It’s low slung, drives well, and if you don’t find the 1-litre unit powerful enough, can accomodate a 1.3 or a 1.6-litre engine in its engine bay. Modifications go beyond that, of course, but are mostly mechanical. Largely because the jelly bean shape was a classic right from the day it was out, so to make the Zen look better, all you need is a pair of good looking alloys. Other modifications include two-door conversions (if not working on a Zen Carbon or Steel), use of wide fenders, removal of excess weight, etc.