Star wars …..

Chalmun’s Cantina, located in beautiful downtown Mos Eisley, was a masterwork of world building. As Roger Ebert said in his 1977 review of Star Wars,

The most fascinating single scene, for me, was the one set in the bizarre saloon on the planet Tatooine. As that incredible collection of extraterrestrial alcoholics and bug-eyed martini drinkers lined up at the bar, and as Lucas so slyly let them exhibit characteristics that were universally human, I found myself feeling a combination of admiration and delight.

In previous science-fiction films, alien visitors were generally clad in matching silver jumpsuits and were of the same species, and usually pretty stiff. The cantina scene in Star Wars, on the other hand, features aliens of all shapes and sizes co-mingling in a very relatable environment, driving home the concept of George Lucas’ lived-in universe. Drinking with friends is a universal activity, and that brought the galaxy, far, far away down to earth. Thus, the bar scene in Star Wars became a pop culture phenomenon, inspiring a CBS sitcom described as “an interstellar combination of Fawlty Towers and Casablanca,” countless parodies and homages, and even a drunk driving P.S.A.

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