New Captain America LEGO Comic-Con Exclusive Revealed : Related Articles

Congratulations, All-New Captain America. You’ve made it far enough to not only be a LEGO mini-figure, but a Comic-Con International exclusive one to boot! The former Falcon—a.k.a. Sam Wilson—will truly prove his worth with a LEGO mini-figure debut as the Sentinel of Liberty at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. From July 9-11, the new Star Spangled Avenger will be available for free—but with a catch. Marvel will only give the LEGO figure to lucky winners of a daily drawing. So keep thos..

NECA’s Batman Arkham Knight Figure Detailed Look Revealed-Comic Book

This Batman figure is based on how The Dark Knight appears in the new Batman: Arkham Knight video game. It is just over 18″ tall, has over 25 points of articulation and includes Ba..

Marvel Comics has a new Captain America so of course he’s going to need his own LEGO minifigure. A little building-block version of Sam Wilson, the former Falcon and current shield..

New Captain America LEGO Comic-Con Exclusive Revealed-Comic Book

Congratulations, All-New Captain America. You’ve made it far enough to not only be a LEGO mini-figure, but a Comic-Con International exclusive one to boot! The former Falcon—a.k.a…

Batman: Arkham Knight – New Scarecrow Poster Released-Comic Book

Rocksteady (bam-ba-lam) Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have released a new Batman: Arkham Knight character poster featuring Scarecrow. With The Joker dead, the ..

New Batman: Arkham Knight Poster Featuring The Dark Knight-Comic Book

A new Batman: Arkham Knight character poster featuring The Dark Knight has been released. In 2 more days, Rocksteady Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment will officia..

Comic-Con Bans Selfie Sticks at San Diego Convention-TheWrap

While outrageous outfits and superhero costumes are perfectly acceptable at Comic-Con, selfie sticks are not. Comic-Con International, the organizers behind next month’s ..

Look! Marvel *Does* Create X-Men Toys, For San Diego Comic Con-Bleeding Cool

While licences for X-Men merchandise are severely restricted (and Fantastic Four are non-existent), as a result of the whole Fox kerfuffle some do make it through, often from peopl..

‘LEGO Marvel’s Avengers’ Features Loki, Captain America, Hulk In 2015 E3 Gameplay Demo!-Mstarz

Making their E3 2015 debut, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are assembled once more in LEGO Marvel’s Avengers videogame. Featuring Loki, Captain America, and The Hulk, the gameplay demo&n..

Get Your Penny’s Worth With This Batman: Arkham Knight Poster For Alfred-Comic Book

Rocksteady Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have released a new Batman: Arkham Knight character poster featuring Alfred Pennyworth. Alfred Pennyworth was the Mart..

Batman: Arkham Knight Opening Sequence Released Online-Comic Book

The opening sequence to next week’s hugely-anticipated Batman: Arkham Knight video game has been released online via the game’s official YouTube channel. Teasing the deat..

First Batman Arkham Knight Reviews Released-Comic Book

We are less than a week away from the release of Batman: Arkham Knight, and the early reviews are rolling in. Early consensus seems to that the introduction of the Batmobile is mor..

How to Get All Batman: Arkham Knight Retailer Exclusive DLC-Game Spot

As with many big releases these days, Batman: Arkham Knight is available to preorder at several retailers, each offering their own exclusive preorder bonuses. If you’re a completio..

Batman: Arkham Knight – New Lucius Fox Poster Released-Comic Book

Rocksteady Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have released a new Batman: Arkham Knight character poster featuring Lucius Fox. Lucius Fox is another one of Bruce Wa..

Comic-Con 2015: ‘Heroes Reborn’ and ‘Grimm’ Heading to San Diego Convention | Variety-Variety

Fan-favorite returning cast members, plus new faces, will be on hand at the San Diego convention this summer for a “Heroes Reborn” panel, in anticipation of NBC’s fall event series..

Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile Edition Cancelled-Ubergizmo

There’s bad news for those who pre-ordered the Batman: Arkham Knight game, no the title has not been delayed once again, this bad news is limited to people who actually pre-ordered..

Batman: Arkham Knight Review-Game Spot

“A clean shot to the head,” drones the villain known as Arkham Knight. “That’s all it will take.” At every opportunity, the Knight speaks of the horrific deeds he might perform, do..

Batman: Arkham Knight Limited Edition Delayed-Ubergizmo

In just a couple of days from now Rocksteady’s much awaited final title in the Batman trilogy, Batman: Arkham Knight is going to be released for multiple platforms across the world..

Batman: Arkham Knight Review-TIME

Confession: I don’t like superheroes. Watchmen author Alan Moore once suggested their existence in American culture “might have something to do with a kind of an ingrained American..

‘Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice’: Jesse Eisenberg Will Be At San Diego Comic-Con-International Business Times

One of the panel members of “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” at the San Diego Comic-Con will be Jesse Eisenberg. The actor plays the role of villain Lex Luthor in the movie a..

Kidrobot Adventure Time San Diego Comic Con Exclusives Revealed-Comic Book

Kidrobot and Cartoon Network have revealed their set of Adventure Time Comic-Con International: San Diego exclusives, along with the previously-announced capsule. Kidrobot and Cart..

Batman: Arkham Knight Oracle Poster Released-Comic Book

The final Batman: Arkham installment is coming out next month and Rocksteady Studios has released a new poster of Barbara Gordon/Oracle to keep the hype rolling..

Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Batman Arkham Knight-Euro Gamer

It’s a sad fact that this generation’s big releases are often playing catch-up on their promises post-launch – a “release now, fix later” mentality that developer Rocksteady thankf..

Batman: Arkham Knight “Scarecrow Nightmare” Trailer Released-Comic Book

At Sony’s PlayStation E3 2015 presentation, one game featured is coming out much earlier than the rest, Batman: Arkham Knight. The final game in the Rocksteady trilogy had an omino..

Batmobile Edition Of Batman Arkham Knight Cancelled-Comic Book

Today, the website has bad news. They, along with everyone else that pre-ordered it, were informed that the Batmobile Edition of Batman Arkham Knight has been c..

Batman: Arkham Knight Azrael Teaser Released-Comic Book

Rockseady Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have released another character poster for Batman: Arkham Knight, this time featuring Azrael. Azrael is the mysterious ..

‘Captain America: Civil War’: Images Show Scene At Medical Facility, Actor Anthony Mackie (Falcon)-International Business Times

New set photos and video via Screen Rant from the metro Atlanta set of “Captain America: Civil War” have been leaked online. The video shows a garbage truck approaching the Institu..

Marvel, Sony, Paramount All Skipping Comic-Con-TheWrap

Marvel, Sony and Paramount will all be absent from Comic-Con when it takes over San Diego next month. Superhero heavy Marvel also missed the fan convention in 2011, but the st..

How Avengers: Age Of Ultron Should Have Ended Part 2-Bleeding Cool

How It Should Have Ended has released the second part of their first ever 2-part movie treatment… for Avengers: Age Of Ultron. When we last left off, Batman and Superman had surviv..

What E3 and San Diego Comic-Con Can Learn From Each Other-Comic Book

They’re two of the biggest events of the year, and they exist only about a month and 125 miles away from one another. They both center on some of entertainment’s hottest, an..

‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Reviews Are Near Perfect – Forbes-Forbes

The embargo has been lifted on reviews for Batman: Arkham Knight, and things are looking good indeed for WB and Rocksteady’s final installment in its wildly popular series of ..

Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Day One Patch Weighs 3.5GB-Ubergizmo

Rocksteady is finally going to release Batman: Arkham Knight on June 23rd, the title has already been delayed multiple times and since it ends the trilogy fans have been anxiously ..

Batman Arkham Knight: Everything We Know So Far-Comic Book

We are just days away from the release of Batman: Arkham Knight, the conclusion to Rocksteady Studios’ Batman videogame saga. For those looking to make sure they’re on point with a..

‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Has Its Special Edition Canceled | UPROXX-UPROXX

Every major video-game release now needs to have a super-special edition, where you not only get the game and some DLC, you also get a fancy case, an artbook and usually some sort ..

Retailer Exclusive Content Included In Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass-Ubergizmo

If you have decided to purchase Batman: Arkham Knight you might now be wondering where to purchase it from since that are various retailer exclusive goodies which you will miss out..

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