Fascinating Off-Road Rv! Enter The Luxurious World Of Earthroamer Xv-Lts F550

Welcome to the exquisitely luxurious world of XV-LTS F550 off-road recreational vehicle designed and manufactured by EarthRoamer, an internationally recognized company specialized in building and meticulously testing expedition vehicles since 1998.

EarthRoamer is known to be the first company that built Xpedition vehicles in North America. The EarthRoamer XV-LTS F550 is designed to look eye-pleasing and created to be fully functional. It’s manufactured on four wheel drive with a turbo diesel powered Ford F550 engine. It’s capable of to accommodate eight persons based on the three different cabs to be chosen including regular cab, super cab and crew cab. It’s possible and quite enjoyable to explore exotic places with this advanced off-road RV. EarthRoamer XV-LTS F550 is the vehicle where technology and luxury come together

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