Dr. Strange Villains Too Strange To Make It Into The Movie

 Dr. Strange movie, Marvel is showing they’re not afraid to get into their weirder properties. And make no mistake, Dr. Strange is strange — and what could be weirder than a man who protects the Earth from mystical threats with a bunch of ancient artifacts and sorcery? While the weirdness always helped set Dr. Strange apart from other books, some of the crazier characters Dr. Strange has met over the years would never translate to the big screen. Here are five Dr. Strange characters that’ll FOR SURE never make it to the movies.


dr strange zom


Um, his name is Zom. A lot of Dr. Strange characters have silly names that don’t inspire fear, but instead giggles. Zom is actually super powerful and a big fan of destruction, but he’s not powerful enough to have a respectable name. Think about it, would Darth Vader be as scary if he was called Warth Wader?


The Hood

dr strange hood


The Hood is supposed to be ruthless and intimidating, but he’s really just some guy in a cloak. And since he gets all his power from that cloak, he’s super terrifying . . . unless it’s laundry day. You could probably defeat The Cloak just by going in to a room without air conditioning, where he’ll eventually get hot and take off his cloak. At that point, you can just call the regular police.


City of Dreams

dr strange city of dreams


The City of Dreams is a giant who sleeps a lot and has a city built onto his back. Also, for some reason, he tries to kill Dr. Strange. To beat The City of Dreams, all anyone would have to do is sing him a lullaby and be very quiet. Fighting this guy is like being a babysitter, which would be a weird direction to take Dr. Strange.



dr strange yandroth


Dr. Strange is sorcerer supreme. Yandroth is scientist supreme. As we all know, opposite characters must fight each other. The title “Sorcerer Supreme” works for a magician, since sorcerers are already kind of nonsensical, but scientists actually exist — “Scientist Supreme” sounds like what some insecure jerk would call himself.


Ben Franklin

dr strange ben franklin


Dr. Strange was time traveling with his girlfriend Clea when she was seduced by Ben Franklin. Well, it might have been someone pretending to be Ben Franklin, but either way, Strange’s paramour slept with who she thought was Ben Franklin. Although Marvel would never go this route, I would love to see this storyline happen in a movie. It could be like Twilight, except instead of Team Edward and Team Jacob, we’d have to choose between Team Strange and Team Benjamin Franklin.



dr strange visimajoris


Visimajoris is nothing more than a head with a bunch of tentacle eyes. He’s definitely gross looking, but all those eyes seem pretty vulnerable. Getting hit in the eye hurts, and this dweeb has twenty of them. Also, how is his name pronounced? If he was in a movie, half of it would be characters trying to figure out what to call him.



dr strange aggamon


Aggamon is the ruler of the purple dimension. He’s also green. The ruler of the purple dimension is a green guy. I mean, seriously Marvel? Purple and Green do not go together. Next time you’re creating characters, pick up a color guide from the painting section of Home Depot.

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