Awesome Art Found On A Styrofoam Cup

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Crazy Styrofoam Cup Art 1
Submitter: “I went in to the dealership for my free oil change and saw this cup sitting there. The cashier said that a young man had come in to have some work done and it was going to take about three hours. “I’ll just doodle” he said, and grabbed a ball point and a coffee cup. This is the bottom of the styrofoam cup. Check out the detail in the hand-carved chain ~ this was done 100% with a regular ball point pen.”

My Crazy Awesome Art – Home

This Holiday Nail Art Is Insane. And Awesome.


We’re not even going to try to pretend that we haven’t been overly excited for holiday season to arrive. That zeal is expressed in everything from making gingerbread houses decorated in every way imaginable, going wild with wrapping paper and getting uber meticulous with our nail art. And all of this hype and focus hasn’t gone unnoticed by some…  The folks over at the Bold Italic went all out this year with their holiday looks, and we have to say we’re pretty darn impressed with their commitment to crazy. In a cheeky move to make fun of the Instagram overload of sparkly, silver, red and snowman themed holiday manicures, they decided to have a little fun.

Top 20 Insanely Awesome Ideas To Recycle Your Potential Garbage

We all have at our home some items, which are no longer in use. It is usually our potential garbage, but if you know some tricks, you can transform them into beautiful home decorations. For that reason we made this collection, just to help you to recycle your old trash and turn it into new home items.

With recycling some old items, we will help the nature, and in the same time we will have interesting home objects, which will be spotlight in our homes. On the other side, if we recycle some items, we will save extra money, instead of buying them. So, if you want to make you feel a little creative, see our inspirational collection, and surely you will find some solution for some old items of your household.

Have fun!

Top 20 Insanely Awesome Ideas To Recycle Your Potential Garbage