The Littlest Mermaid! Incredibly Cute Images Of A Chubby-Cheeked Baby Complete With Tail And Wig Make A Huge Splash

The littlest mermaid! Incredibly cute images of a chubby-cheeked baby complete with tail and wig make a huge splash

The adorable baby is dressed in a tiny shell bikini, crocheted turquoise tail and choppy black wig CEN
 A CUTE baby has been dubbed the ‘real life little mermaid’ after these charming pictures surfaced online.

Parents of Le Pham Kha Di, from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, decided to make the tot the star of an underwater themed photoshoot.

The adorable chubby-cheeked six-month-old is dressed in a tiny shell bikini, crocheted turquoise tail and choppy black wig.

The tot has become known as the Vietnamese Little Mermaid CEN
Parents were inspired to dress their baby up after watching 2016 film The Mermaid CEN

Her parents came up with the idea to dress Le Pham Kha Di up after watching the 2016 film The Mermaid.

The popular fantasy movie tells the story of a wealthy Chinese businessman who falls madly in love with a beautiful mermaid.

Since Hong Kong film actress Anita Yuen posted the delightful snaps on social media, Le Pham Kha Di has become an online sensation.

Hong Kong actress Anita Yuen has announced her love of the little girl CEN

20 Unbelievably Sweet Photos That Prove That Having A Sibling Is Awesome

Those of us lucky enough to have a brother or a sister, or even both, know the incredible feeling of having someone you can trust with your secrets and most valuable possessions, as well as a loving slap from time to time. It’s more than love. It’s a love-based cooperation.

Today Bright Side collected 20 heartwarming photos to remind you just how great it is to have a sibling.

Baby Elephant Takes Issue With Its Trunk — And It’S Beyond Cute


Baby elephant struggles to cope with the long object on its face.

Among the concerns of baby elephants – at least one, apparently – is what to do with the long, pendulous objects dangling from their faces.

The accompanying footage, captured in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, shows a newborn elephant crossing a road with a breeding herd of larger elephants, which have long since grown accustomed to their trunks.

But the calf seems confused by the rubbery proboscis; the young pachyderm shakes it this way and that, tries to step on it, and to shoo it away.

Mario Paul of MVP Guiding, which uploaded the video on Wednesday, stated in the description: “The reason he is doing this is not known, but it could be that there might have been something in his trunk that made it itch or maybe he just didn’t understand this long thing on his face … either way it was very funny and made our day.”

The cuteness factor was not lost on viewers of the SANParks–Kruger National Park Facebook page.

“Nothing cuter than a baby ellie!!” writes one viewer.

“Looks like he got an ant up his nose,” writes another.

The ant theory is plausible. Elephant trunks – which essentially are modified noses – are highly sensitive, and even capable of detecting water underground.

They’re also dexterous, capable of picking up the smallest of twigs and leafs, and are sometimes used to pluck thorns from an elephant’s foot.

But if an elephant gets an itch up its trunk, it’s a bothersome issue, but one that’s typically resolved over time.

Kruger National Park, in northeastern South Africa, is the country’s largest game reserve and a major refuge for elephants.

Cute Baby Wakes Up To Her Favorite Song

Cute Baby Wakes Up To Her Favorite Song

This little cutie pie is peacefully snoozing away in the back seat of the car when she suddenly is awakened by the sound of her favorite song. As soon as this little baby hears the song come on, her eyes burst open and her arms and legs begin to wiggle in an adorable little dance. This little lady’s dance moves are absolutely contagious and super cute, but the most surprising part about the video just might be what her favorite song actually is! Though her music taste may be surprising, this little girl’s reaction to it is guaranteed to make your day! We won’t spoil the video for you by telling you what her mystery jam is, so find out for yourself by watching the video below! This cute baby wakes up to her favorite song and dances like there is no tomorrow!

This sleeping beauty sure knows how to boogie and entertain her entire family with her adorable little dance moves! There’s no doubt that this little girl would chose dancing over sleeping any day for her favorite song. But there are definitely moments when the choosing between sleep and another thing can be a challenge. For example, what do you do when you have to choose between sleep and food?

Well this cutie is facing that very dilemma. This baby boy is really struggling to stay awake to finish eating his toast. To sleep or to eat? That is the question. Just when you think that he’s about to give in to sleep and the parent tries to take the toast away from him, he jerks awake for just long enough to regain his grip on the bread. Check out the full video below to see whether sleep or toast wins this battle.

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15 Unbearably Cute Photos Of Sleeping Babies

Most children are so energetic and unpredictable that you never know what they are going to do. These little rascals are able to rush around the house for hours, turn everything upside down, and suddenly disappear from their parents’ eyesight. Checking in on our babies, we often find them taking a nap among the toys, besides the pet, or in some other unpredictable place.

Bright Side team has collected some of the most adorable photos proving that babies can fall asleep anywhere. Look and enjoy!

Her battery is low.

Believe or not, but playing around is very tiring work.

This baby is pretending to be a kitty.

Being a genius is not always easy.

My baby won’t sleep well at night in her bed. But look at her now!

My dog is my best pillow.

Sleeping in the shopping cart is great. Have you ever tried it?

This baby sleeps so sweetly!

Too much walking for a day.

Sleep, little one, go to sleep, so peaceful are the birds and the sheep…

This child is definitely not afraid of monsters under the bed.

How on earth he can sleep like that?

A farmer with his harvest.

The patience and humility of this cat is limitless.

I feel tired after eating.