DC’s Batman: The Killing Joke movie could be a classic



Yes, this may be a bit disappointing to anyone who is really looking forward to the new DCEU but don’t worry, the DC animated universe (DCAU) is absolutely fantastic. While Marvel has bee ever expanding the MCU, DC has been producing a number of fantastic animated movies for years. The animated films have been great at bringing the comics to life and Marvel really can’t touch DC in terms of animation. The Killing Joke is a very touchy storyline to interpret, so I think giving it a test run in animation before bringing it to the big screen is a great idea!

They still need to bring the Killing Joke to the big screen!

I am a huge believer in Jared Leto’s ability to play the Joker and I think his version falls perfectly in line to do a Killing Joke Storyline. He will probably be the most insane Joker that we have ever seen and he fits the personality of The Killing Joke Joker a lot more than previous incarnations. I can’t wait to see The Killing Joke animated film and hopefully it does well. If it does well enough maybe DC will be open to doing a storyline with the DCEU in the future! I really need to see it, really, really…bad.

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