Neil Patrick Harris Open To Playing The Riddler In Batman Movie


With all the hype building for the DC Extended Universe, fans and celebrities alike are looking beyond the movies on the immediate 2016 front.

Twitter account, Superhero Feed, took to social media to ask How I Met Your Mother and Gone Girlstar, Neil Patrick Harris, if he would have any interest in playing The Riddler in an upcoming Batman film alongside Ben Affleck and the actor is into it – under certain circumstances.

Sorry, Fifty Shades of Grey/Batman v. Superman shippers, but if you want Neil Patrick Harris in the DC Extended Universe, he’ll have to keep his clothes on. As will Harris’ Gone Girl co-star and Batman himself, Affleck.

In all seriousness, Harris probably isn’t so serious, but it is fun to think about him playing the part. He’s played parts in twisted films before and the dark cinematics of the DC movies would likely portray The Riddler as a fairly vile guy. Our friend BossLogic went ahead and provided us with a rendition of Harris as The Riddler and we’ve embedded it in the gallery below.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 25, 2016.

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