Are You a History Travel Buff, a History Explorer?

Is intoHistory intended for you?

Are you curious about History (and old stories)?
Does architectural heritage speak to you?
Do you enjoy meeting those who maintain it in good condition?
Do you like visits of discovery?
Do you usually customize your trips via the Internet?
Do you plan your cultural visits without outside help?

Then, intoHistory is tailored for you!

Let us help you identify locations providing rich memories for your cultural stays in Europe. Immerse yourself straight away in the history of these period buildings, now re-born as tourist accommodation. Get ready to discover their evocative vestiges and the local attractions. Make privileged contact with your hosts through intoHistory. And above all, give your imagination free rein!

Citadelle Vauban Belle-ile - 1

Belle-Ile – Citadelle Vauban (France)

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